Get Your Western Civ Questions Answered Tonight!

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Our next live Q&A session is tonight, October 28, at 9:00pm ET, for one hour. Joining me will be Professor Jason Jewell, who teaches our courses on Western civilization. Bring your questions or just come and watch!

To join the session, sign in to your account and then click the link to “Live Sessions” you’ll see at the top of the page. Or just sign in and click this link:

Our live sessions supplement our eleven on-demand courses. Click here to browse what we have to offer.

If you wish you knew economics and history more solidly, but don’t have the time and don’t know which sources to consult, Liberty Classroom is for you. Become the person who wins debates, who wins converts, and above all, who is full of knowledge.

Now’s a great time to join: to celebrate the release of our latest course, “What’s Wrong with Textbook Economics,” we’re offering 50% off a year’s subscription. That’s 50% off for all our courses (with more to come), plus discussion forums with faculty, live Q&A sessions, recommended readings, and more. Use coupon code AUSTRIAN (in all caps). Join us today!

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