Reply To: What differentiates this series from mainstream history?


While we are giving thanks I want to praise you as well Prof. Jewell. I knew more American history than I even did European despite me being a European(Danish). So this course was much needed for me and very interesting. Especially thought your take on cultural/philosophical changes was particularly interesting since I have given that much attention to those things.

I too can attest that I recognize certain themese. My history teacher for European history 1800-2000(a course I took at the same time as I was listning to your courses) talked of Burke and didn’t give the French Revolution a positive spin. My university was built for marxists and I certainly recognize that this presence is still there in the form of some old school socialists but mostly cultural marxism. However despite this my teacher is a famous conservative and another professor is a former famous marxist who since denounced the old communists from cold era. A danish Eugene Genovese if you will. So I gues appointments are perhaps less political here.