Reply To: valued most?


I think where I’m confused is that we do not have an unhampered market. I think it’s possible, with an inflating money supply, that someone might value your barter more than paper and one might have a better offer with their barter than what he has been able to accumulate in currency +/or money. A bit of a regression do to central banking, I’d say. Even if we do not call currency money–currency can still be used to attain money for a store of value–which gives the current wealth accumulators–that may have participated in the use of government aggression, as well as fraud–an advantage in trade. This may be something we’re just going to have to accept. In Iceland, I hear, some people went to jail but who can say justice was served? Having exceptional foresight and practicing austerity are not the only ways people get rich–again, not an unhampered market phenomenon. Furthermore, people with exceptional foresight and that exercise austerity aren’t always able to get ahead. However, currently we are all forced to participate in fraud because we trade in dollars, which is fiat. I have no way of knowing my value to the economy because I am paid in fiat. Many think I am paid too much–who is to say? I do know I provide some value in aiding in the transport of mail, but I do not know how much. Even people in the private sector that do not depend on subsidies are still paid in fiat; and, therefore, cannot say they are rightly compensated when you acknowledge the world market…let alone bureaucrats, central bankers and welfare recipients. I do think that I understand your answer, but I also see a role for barter, albeit small and rare, in any economy. Thank you.