Reply To: Usury


But profiting from usury is the motive for FRB, right? I guess an important implication of FRB is inflation. I suppose the risk of FRB could voluntarily be agreed upon but that doesn’t address the effects of inflation on people that do not volunteer for it. I guess because I see that time preference is an acceptable demand for a product, I’m trying to reconcile the sin of usury–although, I’m more comfortable with spending and investing from personal savings and/or contributions rather than personal debt; but, that is just a personal preference. I think using a reserve to earn profit (on an amount beyond that of which you have to lend out–and by keeping a portion of what is lent out while lending out the full amount–because the amount would have to come from nothing) could be sinful but I don’t have that sorted out yet either. Thank you Organization Man for the links–I’ll try to get to them soon. Thank you Professor Casey for your input, lessons and discussion–perhaps it is wrong of me to try to rationalize what is meant by usury for my own satisfaction. That is something I’ll have to reconcile with myself but I do not want to become complacent.