Reply To: Tricky Questions for Libertarians


1. I’m not an expert regarding law but I’d think that both cases would be handled very similarly. The convicted person, who painted the swastika or the word nigger, however might face social ostracism…

2. Check out:

3. Since the person was not allowed by the owner of the computer to download the movie (only to check emails), has he not violated an implicit contract? Or would he not have to ask for permission to use another person’s private property?

4. Check out the part on gun control (starting at page 36) of “Chaos Theory” by Robert Murphy:

5. Hans-Hermann Hoppe argues that immigration in a libertarian society would be very restrictive, since every piece of land would be privately owned.

I don’t know the right answers to your questions but I tend to agree with Walter Block, Robert Murphy and Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the various issues. I hope I could add some food for thought and I’d love to hear other people’s opinions!