Reply To: Tips on doing history?


Btw, I forgot about this, but here are some good research tips I stole from Gary North, useful methods for analyzing anything. First, “follow the money,” who gets what (I would modify this to the power nexus – who has the power to determine who gets what); second, follow the confession of faith – ideas have consequences (“faith” does not mean simply religious faith, but any belief system). This leads to five questions to ask when examining anything (history, politics, whatever); simple questions but very difficult to assess accurately:

1) Soverignity – whose in charge here?

2) Authority – to whom do I report? (Me: Notice 1 & 2 are separate questions! Interesting and revealing)

3) Law – what are the rules?

4) Sanctions – what do I get if I obey, what happens to me if I disobey? (Me: dittoes 3 & 4!)

5) Time – does this outfit have a future?