Reply To: Thinking and Action


So then if reasoning is a prerequisite to thinking, then they are two separate concepts, then my question would be how are they separate?

Mises stated that thinking is always thinking about potential action, or past action on pg. 177 of Human Action, this seems to be wrong in that I can think about an abstract concept without thinking about a concrete action, I can think about the visual of an apple, house, chair, etc. without thinking about pursuing a means to an end (unless he means action in the colloquial sense, however, then, thinking about abstract concepts would not be thinking about action in that sense either, or so it seems. What does Mises mean by this?

In regards to your possible solution to my scarcity question with regards to the means of thinking. David Gordon seems to say that thinking may not occur dependently of the brain, therefore the brain not being a means to the end of thinking.

This question seems to bring up philosophical problems that can’t seem to be fully resolved as indicative. Is my question outside the realm of praxeology then?