Reply To: the presidential election


Hope is found thinking beyond the election. Out of this particular election; – well I was going to write “nothing good can follow” but even that is too melodramatic. It’s possible that tiny amounts of good could follow, depending upon how it goes. And if people re-elect their permanent government, then opportunities for the future will follow.

We should be neither panglossian nor defeatist: the next five-to-ten years of American life, of Western life, promise to be very grim and difficult indeed. It is quite possible that during this, electorates will turn to even worse options, if, once again, out of this those who set The Narrative are able to promote the belief that “freedom failed, and only giving more money and power to the state can save you.” After all, so much is “baked into the cake” this election time, due to already-ongoing fiscal & monetary policies that no sane person would want to win and thus be in office holding the bag when it implodes.

But out of this also comes the opportunity to do what people here are doing; not just learn, but share and expand belief in liberty, and the understanding that personal liberty is directly tied to economic liberty (and thus that the alternative of the left, “economic rights” – rights in the sense of “right to have your needs provided for you by someone else – are a chimaera).

Me, I have a hard time still disassociating myself from elections and which establishment party (the Inner Party, the permanent party of government, or the Outer Party, the party that exists as its foil, and as a scapegoat claimed to embody “capitalism”) wins or loses. I’m still unable to emotionally disconnect from that. But if you can, you’ll realize that getting worked up over the election is unnecessary. You can focus on the big picture, and sharing, thus expanding, the knowledge of real liberty and sound economics. This gives an achievable goal for a better future. Out of this will come opportunities in the future.