Reply To: the presidential election


I’d say that it depends who you’re talking to. If you’re talking to a conservative about the Fed, I’d say something like this “You support and trust the free market and you know that central planning leads to chaos, money and banking are no exception….” If you’re talking to a liberal you might stress out how the Fed hurts the poor by destroying their savings through inflation and that the Fed bails out the big corporations etc. Liberals also tend to be more skeptical about US foreign policy and you might argue that just like today there were economic interests involved in the Civil War. You need to find out what the other person cares about and construct your argument respectively.

I’m 18 years old, have never voted and will never vote. The presidential elections have shown to me that we cannot break the chains of modern slavery through the political process. Once I realized this I’ve been more relaxed and less frustrated. I think we can only change things if we educate ourselves and others, knowledge is our most important weapon.