Reply To: The Introduce Yourself Thread


What is your name?
Kolbe Conger

How do you describe yourself ideologically?
Richard Maybury once called himself a Juris Naturalist. I really agree with that. I am not one for anarchy. Align with Libertarian Party

How did you first hear about Tom Woods?
In 9th Grade, I needed a source for my AP Gov Class on Capitalism and CST. Tom Woods; The Church and the Market, I stumbled upon and I began reading his books.

Facebook and Twitter profiles?
Do not do Social Media

Other Fun facts about you?
I am an 11th grader and really wish the age limit to vote was 16. I play Rugby: 2nd Row, Scrum-half. Love Sports, Weightlifting, and Reading Austrian Economic Theory. Enjoy studying Thomistic Theology

Courses your looking forward too?
A Comparative Systems Class
Environmental Science (non-proggressive BS)
An Introduction to Financial Markets
An American Government class
and a Microeconomics course