Reply To: The Introduce Yourself Thread


Didn’t find another simple thread, reply with your own introduction by copying the questions below

What is your name?

My name is Matthew Standridge. I’ve been a member for a few months, but after getting to meet Tom in person, and some others in the liberty movement, it reinvigorated me to get back to learning.

How do you describe yourself ideologically?
A reformed Republican. I guess I would consider myself a libertarian minarchist. Maybe one day I’ll be full blown anarchocapitalist. Baby steps.

How did you first hear about Tom Woods?
I first heard Tom Woods when I was watching a lot of Ron Paul videos on You Tube during the 2012 campaign. Then I started watching more Tom Woods videos. Then one of his books. Then his podcast. Now LC. Hoping to throw in a couple more of his books when I get the time.

Facebook and Twitter profiles?
Twitter: @Dr_Matt

Other Fun facts about you?
I’m a Dentist in rural KS. Trying to simplify life. Knock out debt, grow a garden, get healthy again, grow my business, just all around become more resilient.

Courses your looking forward too?
The American History courses I’m really looking excited about. I’d like to know the real history, not the propaganda I was fed in school.