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What is your name?

Thomas Bivens

How do you describe yourself ideologically?

Constitutionalist Libertarian

How did you first hear about Tom Woods?
I mostly followed Ron Paul in 2007 after a friend turned me on to him, and I started listening to him on youtube. I first heard Tom at the Rally for the Republic. I will never forget the energy I felt watching it on my television. For those first few months, I felt uneasy and unsure if I was the only one who felt this way. Were all those video comments from trolls or agents of Ron’s campaign?

The Rally changed that. It was the first time I saw a room full of people, most of them not much older than me(or the same age). I felt the energy in that room from so many people who believed in liberty. It tore me up that I could not be there. My greatest regret is that i could not go and have not been able to afford to go any liberty event.

Anyways, at that i event I saw both Tom and Lew Rockwell for the first time. That time, I started to follow and Tom was on of the more regular article writers back then.

In Tom, I saw a person who could articulate Ron’s views in a way that would crush the opposition.

One of my proudest moments of Tom was when he crushed Congressmen Mel Watt(D-Bank of America) and forced him to shut up. I had never seen ANYONE get Mel Watt to shutup(that man loves to hear his own voice). It did not surprised me in the slightest that he was one of the 5 congresscritters who got a thank you from the Fed. ”

Facebook and Twitter profiles?
I keep my FB for my small group of friends(I have less FB friends than everyone I know)
My twitter profile is mostly neglected.
Other Fun facts about you?
My Favorite Star Wars Movie is Episode III, because that is where the Great Galactic War(The Clone Wars) is revealed to be a plot to centralize power in the hands of one person(Supreme Chancellor,and later Emperor, Palpatine).

I am interested in writing and game development.
Courses your looking forward too?
History of Money and Banking
History of the Middle East

(These three areas have been so dominated by leftists for far too long)
History of Latin America
History of Modern Africa
History of Southeast Asia

Society and Liberty:A liberty-based approach to Sociology(Another area that has been dominated by cultural marxists)