Reply To: The Founders Weren't Isolationists Nor Libertarians


These neocons know perfectly well that Ron Paul has never claimed to be an isolationist. He’s a non-interventionist.

The idea that Ron Paul is arguing that America shouldn’t have accepted French help in the Revolution is just doltish. It’s clearly a lie, akin to “Vote for me, and I’ll give you a telephone.” This is how stupid people think we are nowadays.

The column to which you pointed is full of inanities, so I don’t want to waste time replying to every point. Let me just tackle one more: the response to Ron Paul’s claim that the Founders were non-interventionist by saying that Hamilton didn’t agree with Jefferson and Madison. This is a non sequitur: if I say, “Joe and Jim like Toyotas,” and you respond, “But one’s a Democrat and one’s a Republican,” what does that contribute to our mutual enlightenment? Yes, the Founders had disagreements. Yet, none of them wanted to go invade Portugal.