Reply To: The Constitution in Crisis


Hi Aphelei,
I recommend the following books:
“Great Wars and Great Leaders A Libertarian Rebutal” by Ralph Raico
“A century of war” by John Denson
These books talk about how the US got involved in WW1 and WW2 and how the Civil war really started. The history of past wars helps to understand present wars better and puts things in perspective. I haven’t read any books of Noam Chonsky so far but he seems to be very good on foreign policy; Jeffrey Tucker was heavely influenced by him. He has written a lot on war. You might like to read a book coedited by Tom Woods called “We who dared to say no to war”. To stay up to date on foreign policy follow the news on
Check out Adam Kokesh (former marine) who’s an outspoken critique of the US-Government, especially his foreign policy. Regarding your daughter, you might try to respond to her concerns and what’s important to her. If she likes liberty, show her that the military is all about obedience. If she’s for justice, show her how war is immoral etc…
Good luck