Reply To: Subjectivism & Angry Birds: Ayn Rand Institute


according to stephan kinsella

at least a part of this arises from a misunderstanding of Mises/Rothbard. Basically, the some (looks like the ARI in this case) is viewing the economic subjectivism of Mises/Rothbard (that value is subjective) as an all encompassing view of everything: that everything is subjective. But I dont think that is what they meant at all. After all, rothbard wrote much about concepts other than pure economics, and he maintained that life and property rights and by extension other things were inherent rights in a person as human. That is certainly not subjective. To say that, in certain cases, deemed best by the whole rights can be violated like a couple instances for forced taxation and things like that, that seems to be the subjective side to me.