Reply To: Stock Market


I was going to mention that I wouldn’t suggest doing anything to interfere with the voluntary sale/purchase of shares but I can’t help but think that the evolution of the system has not been soundly beneficial to society. It is my understanding that I am not legally able to buy shares in private companies if their owners want to sell them to me–something to do with not being an accredited investor? Certainly, there has got to be some statist involvement with the application for a company to sell shares on the public market. Perhaps it is easier for CEOs to drive companies into the ground if there is a large public on whom to dump their shares. What protection does the board of a company have from lawsuits? In any case, as I said, there is a lot I don’t yet know but I need to start the conversation to learn–also, I want to believe and am more likely to believe that all systemic problems are because of government interference. I already believe monetary policy has had and is having terrible consequences on the stock market. The question is–how do we stop capitalism from becoming fascism or something like that, I guess? I’ll start by being as intellectually honest and inquisitive as possible.