Reply To: Social Justice


Here a few articles I found when we our science classes started shifting into policy classes in pharmacy school a couple years ago. One thing I have noticed among some of my classmates is that they think our current healthcare system is the picture of a free-market. They think that private ownership of the means of production = unhampered capitalism. A lot of these articles dismantle that misconception. Also, they outline the history of government intervention in healthcare that has brought us to where we are today. I point out to my friends that if we are to learn anything from the past 50-100 years it should be that government intervention drives up costs and drives down quality.

What’s Really Wrong with the Healthcare Industry by Vijay Boyapati

The Real Right to Medical Care vs. Socialized Medicine” by George Reisman

Lowering the Cost of Health Care” by Ron Paul

Healthcare Reform Passes” by Ron Paul

Diagnosing Our Health Care Woes”</a" by Ron Paul

Abolish the FDA!</a" by Jim Grichar

100 Years of US Medical Fascism by Dale Steinreich