Reply To: self ownership


Also, my concern is with the notion that if we can be put up for sale by ourselves, then does it follow that our debts can be adjudicated by the prescribed abdication of ourselves to our lender? Or should the lender just have to suffer the loss by his trust in one’s ability and willingness to pay him back? Of course, secured loans, would be reasonable in this case (if one cannot pay one back in the contracted period of time, a piece of property would serve to fulfill the contract). But, not oneself–this just strikes me as the line between property and commerce and what it means to be human. Like when people say that we are born with rights–I’d say that we were born with the dignity that precludes the gifting or selling of oneself. I do not equate this with the gifting or selling of what one produces–because that is the product of his labor and not his labor itself. Does that make sense to you?