Reply To: Rothbard and Hayek


Jeff Herbener wrote:
“Joe Salerno has a seminal article on the difference between the two branches as illustrated by the relationship between Mises and Hayek on the issue of economic calculation in a system of central planning.

Mr. Herbener (or anyone else interested), could I ask for a tiny help here… I tried to read this article, since I’m interested in understanding differences between the trio Mises-Rothb-Hayek, but somehow I couldn’t get much from this text… maybe it’s the written style or something else, but I found it mostly non-readable/understandable and kinda watered down relative to the writing styles of any of the three masters (who I have less trouble reading)… lot of words and assumptions and comparisons but little condensed essence. So… can anyone condense at least some of the points of this article (so that I can lean on that and try to read once again)? Please restate in a simple way one big difference between these two branches (among, I guess, several differences)? Can description of these various differences be simplified by stating their basic, deep, mental attitudes or points of view? Thank you very much.