Reply To: Revisionist History Books on WWII?


Thanks so much for this response. Prof. Tooley makes some good points and I generally agree that you can’t seperate WWII from WWI but nonetheless if you’re arguing with somebody about WWII and trying to represent the non-interventionist view then responding that WWI was the real mistake won’t be enough. Invevitably the follow up question will be:

“Was FDR and the allies right to intervene because the effects of WWI were already set in motion whether you liked the outcome of it or not?”

I think Prof. Tooley has certainly provided some good points especially that negotiations would have been pushed for.

My last question is what any of you think of the contention that Hitler had plans for more of Europe? Now having plans is not the same as being able to excecute the plan so I suppose any counter factual analysis has to take that into account.

Also do people here agree with AJP Taylor’s book on WWII?