Reply To: Reason for Opposition to the 14th Amendment?


> I’ve also heard that 2 representatives were kidnapped and physically held in the House for a quorum to take place (maybe one of them was shot at).

I had heard that as well, I hadn’t gotten to that part of the Liberty classroom, is that not in there? I heard specifically that a TN legislator, who had voted for the amendment the first time around, wanted to change his vote (or abstain ??) so they locked him in a nearby room to get his roll-call.

The 14th amendment, IIRC, had in it a clause to essentially unseat all sitting congressmen coming from the south (Section 3?).

I also heard Martial law was (re)imposed in the south between the first and second votes on the amendment. I know it was imposed around that time, but I don’t know if it was in response to something else or if the timeline fits exactly right.