Reply To: Reagan and Eisenhower Administrations


“Reagan sympathizers only controlled Congress during the first two years of Reagan’s presidency. Not coincidentally, that was also the only two-year period in my life when domestic discretionary spending declined.”

“It’s common to comment critically upon Reagan’s administration by assuming that he had the power of an Arab dictator and commenting on everything that the Federal Government did as if Reagan had desired it. This approach is, of course, fallacious.”

I’ll take your word for it Mr. Gutzman. I’ll give Reagan the big benefit of the doubt! I admit to being still cautious and suspicious of his administration and policies though. I’ve heard plenty of times the excuse of Democratic or Republican Congress being used for several Presidents. The Bushes being the most recent examples, but I have some doubt (especially, about Bush Jr.) whatever their policies that were block were actually for the best, even if the Congress reason for blocking them weren’t for noble intentions. Granted, in Reagan’s case it defiantly seemed more “genuine” blockade against his policies. And his policies would have worked if what I’ve read about them are true. I will read the book Mr. Woods suggested though, and maybe come back with some new thoughts about him.

Thanks for answering though! 🙂