Reply To: Ratification, Supreme Law of the Land?



I don’t think I said we need to continually look at the opponents of the Constitution for meaning, we need to read and hear what the proponents said it would mean; however, the opponents were more astute as to how the Constitution would be abused once ratified. In that way, we can see that they were more perceptive and we can understand, perhaps, how we should guard against federal usurpation of power. We have a Constitution that was ratified by the States in 1787 and 1788 and one that has been distorted by the political class and the federal court system, most importantly the SCOTUS, beginning with Ellsworth and the Judiciary Act in 1789 and Hamilton and his various proposals in 1790 and 1791.

The rebuttal to the opponents of the Constitution is the true meaning of the document, so by looking at both sides, we can accurately ascertain how the proponents of the document promised it would be used once ratified. Several lied, but that is the Constitution we should insist that the political class abide by.

Hope that helps.