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So if the propositions were switched around to make the new order:
therefore, BAD

Then that would be a violation of rule six because we are moving from an undistributed term [B] in one of the premises [BIC] to a distributed term [B^] in the conclusion [BAD]
so whenever you’re limiting the scope (going from a full scope [in one or more of the premises] to smaller scope [in the conclusion)) then that’s cool/valid, but when you’re enlarging the scope (going from a smaller scope [in one or more of the premises] to full scope/extension [in the conclusion]) then that’s not cool/invalid
am I on the right track?
I just realise that this is a bad example because it violates rule 2

Is there any chance that you might be able to come up with some better examples than the one I just gave which would explain the point more accurately and help make it a little clearer?

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