Reply To: Preamble to the 1939 IRC


No offense intended, but unfortunately its probably true. Luckily ignorance can be fixed, stupidity not. And stupid you are surely not! Heck, I and thousands of other freedom seeking Americans have overcome the very same propaganda from which you now suffer. The extra steeping that you have received makes it harder for you to except that 1) you missed the lie yourself, 2) that your trusted and revered mentors and colleagues did so also. You are certainly intelligent and open-minded enough to overcome that mind game. Yet, on the other hand, you and every other libertarian will properly contend that for limited government to advance its powers beyond those granted it must necessarily lie to do so. Only, the income tax is given a oh-I- better-not-look-there pass, satisfied with the mountain of fear-based BS that has driven you into that pragmatic position in the first place.
Have you read Blackstone?
See my new post in Constitutional History: Blackstone and Dowell: The Income Excise Revealed for a discussion of Blackstone and his follow-up reporter Dowell in relation to the evolution of the income tax.