Reply To: Preamble to the 1939 IRC


Undoing a lifetime of brainwashing is not an easy task. Especially at your level of indoctrination. Like Mark Twain said: “It’s not what we don’t know that harms us; it’s what we do know that ain’t so.” Face it, the government and its myriad of interested camp followers have lied to you your whole life about the income tax. It has been since the Civil War and is today an excise on the exercise of federal privilege. Are you engaged in the exercise of federal privilege? Probably not! Then why do you declare that you are each and every year? Because you have been lied to. Only now you know the truth or at least a little of it. Is it really like mastering the literature on the Kennedy assassination? If you get into it you’ll find it infinitely more liberating. In fact you’ll find that the income excise tax is actually the most libertarian of all forms
of taxation. See Blackstone’s ninth excise.