Reply To: No slavery, no Civil War?


This is all very interesting. Another point I came across in the last live session was that the way slavery was abolished peacefully in some or most–I’m not sure–areas was through setting deadlines by which the slave owners unloaded their slaves by selling them into areas that still allowed slavery–hardly righteous. I think it is important to note how the pro-freedom societies benefitted from the slave trade and/or slavery in the pro-slave societies even though they somehow thought their consciences were clear. I’m not suggesting that violent revolution is the answer–I’d prefer protests and boycotting–has that ever worked for the abolishment of slavery in the conventional sense? Let’s face it we have slavery now through redistribution but people don’t know if they’re the net benefactors or net contributors, right? As a side note, I’d like to see more energetic exposure to the extraordinary injustices the state inflict on those that are too self-sufficient or too removed from taxes and regulations for its liking. Tricia.