Reply To: NAP: Legal or Moral Principle?


Sometimes I have to remember that the order we develop on this side of life is the best we can do in a paradoxical universe. There are grey areas as far as I can tell with NAP–at least on moral grounds. The legal use of NAP would be the order for societal function that is widely accepted or adjudicated. How a conflict is adjudicated in these grey areas is a resolution we accept to continue functioning. Even in the police state today, the excuse is about what constitutes injustice (or aggression) and it would appear that those reasons are propaganda for those who really want to benefit from using aggression themselves. There is always choice because choice involves opportunity costs–there is always an opportunity and a cost to our action. In my opinion, I guess, there are always trade-offs no matter what the order of society. I’m glad for this conversation–it’s the closest I’ve seen to my own philosophical dilemma and previous inquiries.