Reply To: Money in politics


You can try to explain to other individuals in a way i do. The individual is the sovereign, and individual rights do not come from or are bestowed upon individuals by the state or federal government. They belong naturally to the individual.

The constitution expressly protects individual rights. There is an illogical supposition by certain individuals that somehow the general welfare clause gives politicians a right to confiscate what others have and give it to another individual through force, coercion etc. This of course is nonsensical, as the oath the politician swears is to protect individual rights. If they were to rob one individual to give to another individual, or corporation they would be violating their oath of office, the constitution, and individual liberty. The money that is thrown at politicians bribing them “lobbying” to violate the rights of others is not the only problem. The other problem is politicians robbing money through involuntary taxation, and or debasing the currency which robs all individuals whom use it as their media of exchange, In the case of the US (as well as other countries) legal tender laws force an individual to accept a payment against their will.

So ask these individuals that espouse not only socialistic policies, but others as well. Is theft immoral and against the law? Their answer may very well be yes. If theft is immoral, and unlawful, then what makes it right for a politician to engage in such behavior on another individuals behalf? How would they like if an individual broke into their residence, robbed their property, threatened their family and told them they are to pay money every week, and if not, they will be beaten up, or thrown in jail? So if they do not wish this upon themselves, then how is it they can advocate a politician behave in a similar manner on their behalf?

This simple engagement sets the stage to engage the illogical policies individuals believe in, and may open up their eyes to what they and other individuals on other sides are actually advocating.