Reply To: Money


“Presumably you are saving money to use it at some point in the future. Of course, I have to admit the possibility of saving just to save. Generally though, I don’t think that needs to be given much attention to.”

I’m not trying to be difficult, by I’m still not completely sold. Why can’t the accumulation of money be like a little kid’s blanket? The money in and of itself could be a source of comfort and security. For that matter, a bag of leaves or a straw might serve a similar purpose. I thought what was important was in the mind of the actor, and economics, as being descriptive, made no value judgments regarding Human Action.

So, if in the mind of the economic actor, the end is to have a wad of federal reserve notes that are never intended to be spent, why are they not considered consumer goods?

Also, in a psychic sense, why would an individual in a barter economy who can grasp the idea of a medium of exchange and develops a money that is acceptable to other people, why is the money in that sense not an economic good, since it satisfies the end of the actor (discover/develop money)?

Thank you for your time.