Reply To: Military Interventionism 21st Century


Well, being communism is doomed to economic failure no matter how many times it, and similar economic ideas are tried…..maybe the spreading, and subsequent failure of these systems would have been able to transpire much quicker had all this intervention not taken place. Individuals would have been subjected to the full force of these isms, whether they be communism, facism, totalitarianism, socialism, etc. Maybe then, they would have appreciated liberty, freedom, property and take it upon themselves to fight for, preserve and protect those natural rights.

Look at all of these battles in the name of so called freedom, and the fights against communism that have taken place. After all these battles, are we more free throughout the world? Was the battle against communism all that effective? Why was there even a need to sacrifice the lives of many, to fight a system and it’s economic ideas that would have, and has failed on it’s own throughout history? Even since world war two, there have been 72 interventions from the US alone. Have we become freer because of those actions? The answer is no, as we wouldn’t see the erosion of our liberties take place, but would have seen them further flourish if the real goal were to defend freedom.

Be weary of those few individuals whom send us off to war in the name of freedom, while stripping away those very freedoms they swore an oath to support and defend here at home.

Numerous violations of an individuals rights have taken place. Whether it be the ever expanding government, patriot act, legislation within bills such as the Ndaa, stripping away the right to due process, private property and a myriad of other violations of freedom and liberty that take place in the open, and in secret.