Reply To: middle east class


Dr. Gutzman is correct. I had not heard of the last two books, and I will be taking a look at them. Thanks Dr. Gutzman!

The most applicable book for today would be “Muslim Mafia” which exposes the infiltration of the USA. Robert Spencer’s “Stealth Jihad” is also applicable to America in today’s context because it exposes the non-violent “moderates” who have infiltrated the highest levels of the American government.

Once again, I think the fact that there are non-violent and violent Islamic groups working towards the same end, needs to be researched and exposed.

Six days after 9/11. George Bush was in a mosque with the founder of a Muslim Brotherhood front group proclaiming “Islam is peace.” The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated both sides of the aisle in American political discourse.

Ibn Warraq’s “Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism” is also a great book, but not necessarily on this topic.

Bat Ye’or’s “The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam” is also a great read packed with primary sources.