Reply To: middle east class


Readers interested in this general topic might consider Ibn Warraq’s WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM. Although shot through with secularist bias, the book is an apostate’s honest appraisal of Islam.

That subjugation is central to Islam is the subject of Bat Ye’or’s THE DECLINE OF EASTERN CHRISTIANITY UNDER ISLAM: FROM JIHAD TO DHIMMITUDE, SEVENTH-TWENTIETH CENTURY. The overwhelming majority of Americans seem not to know either that the Middle East was once almost entirely Christian or that the Arabs forced conversion of the Christian population over a long period of time. Can’t it happen here? This is the program that bin Laden had in mind in the documents set out above.

Also of interest is Anwar Hekmat’s WOMEN AND THE KORAN: THE STATUS OF WOMEN IN ISLAM. This book explores one of the most noxious features of Moslem civilization, showing how integral it is to Islam.

Finally, those who wish to see what awaits Western civilization under Islam (which, if demography is destiny, will come to dominate much of Europe in the next century) should peruse the beautiful, disturbing FROM THE HOLY MOUNTAIN: A JOURNEY AMONG THE CHRISTIANS OF THE MIDDLE EAST by William Dalrymple. Here the famous travel writer sets out from the spiritual center of Eastern Orthodoxy, Mt. Athos, through the entire Middle East. What he sees is heart-breaking.