Reply To: Logic Regarding Minimum Wage


IMO they have to explain why they think it is a reducto ad absurdum, if their argument is (as has been made by Progressives and their “studies show”) that “raising the minimum wage doesn’t affect employment,” or even “raising the minimum wage increases demand and thus helps the economy and produces employment” (this is also their argument for things like food stamps, unemployment insurance, &tc).

That is they’re argument rests on a belief in upward sloping demand curves for labor (or, at best, flat demand curves for labor) in the first place, so in order for the counter-argument “if it is true that raising the minimum wage doesn’t reduce employment, then why not make the minimum wage $1,000,000/hour and call for a 1/hour work week and we can just vote ourselves rich?” to be a reducto ad absurdum, they have to argue why raising it by X won’t reduce employment, but raising it by N+delta would cause all the problems they claim that raising it by X would not cause.