Reply To: Limited Liability


Interesting discussion as to how far the government needs to be involved , if at all, in the enforcement of private contracts

anarchocapitalists like Rothbard would argue none as private agencies could be entrusted with the task.

See “Anatomy of the State” available at the Mises store and “Society with out a State”
available at Lew

Frederic bastiat and Ron Paul would opt to entrust the government with few functions one of them being the protection of private property and enforcement of contracts through the law courts

Bastiat in The Law viewed “the law perverted” as it acts against its initial primary purpose and rather than protecting its citizens from plunder, instead chooses to be the instrument of plunder itself!

Ron Paul in Trading Freedom for Security: Drifting toward a Police State wrote:
Gov has a proper role in guaranteeing free markets, voluntarism & private property ownership, while punishing those who violate these rules.

What’s your view-limited government or none?
The argument against limited government is that it starts that way then grabs more and more power as politicians are in charge and are (unless they are Ron Paul) not interested in devolving themselves of power.

…as James Madison wrote, if men were angels…