Reply To: Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State


hayek_novice, I think Mr. Casey brings up a great point about looking to historical examples of success, and one I can think of is the militia of early America under the Articles of Confederation. Technically, we did not have a standing army; the colonies organized an army for the war, and under the Articles, this was a standard operating procedure: states were sovereign and had no standing armies, but once a state was attacked, the states would band together and defeat the force. I should clarify I’m only going by memory of having read the Articles. I remember one, huge difference between the federalists and the anti-federalists was the notion of a standing army, so from my understanding there was not one until 1789ish with the advent of the U.S. Constitution and resignation of the Articles.

I say taking this into consideration as well as the lack of success of the Minerva Project (which was a Libertarian island that had no weapons and was easily taken over by a neighboring territory), a plan must be taken into consideration, and the voluntary organization of an entire force to nullify or defeat a legitimate threat should be on everyone’s minds first and foremost after proclaiming the territory as being anarcho-capitalist. Perhaps a voluntary confederation-like plan, where neighbors can help neighbors in Bastiat’s fashion (whereby a group of individuals can certainly band together to preserve other individuals’ natural rights of life, liberty and property), would be best.

Interestingly enough, I do not consider myself an AnCap, but I think considerably about the possibility, and this is the best suggestion I have. Weapons and organized use of them should most certainly be ready to make use of at all times as unfortunately, as you put, there will no doubt be neighboring territories who will think it easy to swoop in and claim a new territory, thereby expanding Big Brother’s reign.