Reply To: Lesson 19 Question


Thank you for your response and thanks for pointing out my typo. I understand the difference, but missed the error when I proofread my question. That’s what happens when I type on an iPhone late at night without my glasses.

I think that because the AOC clearly states perpetual Union that I thought “seceding” from that confederation was not possible. If so, then continuing that Union, under the new Constitution, would make secession likewise impossible. After reading your answer, it’s now clear that the phrase “perpetual Union” in the AOC was redundant since there was no end date established and contracts and compacts are routinely broken.

I believe that secession was not illegal and now I have a reply to my initial question should it come up in future conversations or debates. Thanks!

I also really enjoyed the Constitutional History course and have just started U.S. History to 1877.