Reply To: Lecture3 Egypt – Pyramids


Ah, one more sidenote (for now) to: “Are all the documents and inscriptions related to pyramid building from Egypt forgeries?”

Due to the fact that there are still speculations to this day (even among the mainstream) about the very specifics of the building of the pyramids, I conclude that we have no conclusive and extensive documentation from those ancient Egyptians who supposedly built the pyramids. There might have been ancient Egyptians or later historians (such as Herodot) speculating and theorizing about it, but I can safely conclude that there is no conclusive documentation left showing how the ancient Egyptians actually built the pyramids. So no forgeries needed, because in my view none exist to begin with. If there are, however, inscriptions, showing and explaining for example how they cut out a 40 ton rock with copper tools, moved it across the dessert and then lifted it ~100 feet, I’d be very interested in it.