Reply To: Lecture 1: Agriculture and Civilization


Do we know much about how Menes was able to unite the two parts of Egypt?

I also found some other interesting things on Wikipedia, namely that Menes was the inventor of “wealth” (probably through theft) and that he also invented writing. Also, the Egyptian crown is a double crown which is the Northern crown and Southern crown combined into one. He also founded the city of crocodilopolis which is a really cool name for a city.

Since Menes invented wealth, this leads me to believe that he was probably a tyrant. It also leads me to believe that he didn’t unite upper and lower Egypt peacefully. This is why I ask if we know much about the diplomacy involved. Do we know which part of Egypt Menes was from?

Also, as the inventor of writing, I’m sure we are getting Menes’ version of how things happened. 😉