Reply To: Jury Nullification


Excellent article Mr. Gutzman. What is your opinion of New Hampshire’s recent law that was passed allowing the defense in a case to instruct the jury of their Right to judge the law?
And while the Right was deprived, it actually was never revoked, as I still don’t think even in the USSA have I heard of a Juror being incarcerated for voting against the instructions of the judge.
Alaska has a interesting ballot measure this year on whether or not to have a state constitutional convention. We have maybe the most socialist state constitution of the many states. While I do not vote, many of my friends want to vote for the convention hoping that they can get one of our “bill of Rights” to not only state the Right of Trial by Jury but also add the Rights of the Juror to it. Interesting, but I think we would end up with something worse than we have, if that’s possible.
I really believe in the Rights of the Juror, I just wish there was more education and talk about it from the Liberty minded folks, we spend a lot of time talking about state nullification, which is good, but how does the Citizen protect himself from the state? The Jury.
Thank you for the article!