Reply To: John C. Calhoun interpretations


Thank you for this response Dr. Gutzman. I read your article with enjoyment and found it helped me to get a better knowledge of how to address this question. I find this subject to be particularly interesting because of the colorful nature of Calhoun’s political views not to mention Randolph’s.

I made note of the passage where you describe Calhoun’s tolerance toward Randolph as president of the senate and surely it must have crossed Calhoun’s mind during Randolph’s speeches at this time that the things Randolph was articulating overlapped with his own growing concerns. Do you know of any instance in the post-Monroe part of Calhoun’s life where he ever made a more explicit gesture in favor of Randolph? I have my suspicions that their dislike for one another never went away but I would be happy to be corrected.