Reply To: Is there no right/wrong? Is it only perception?


I’d like to come at this issue from an evolutionary perspective.

As Dr J, I also do believe we can observe a common sense of morality across humanity. Moreover, I don’t think it’s limited to humanity. Even though our natural moral code is probably the most advanced, I’d say any species that relies heavily on a social structure can display similar treats.

Why? Because it’s benificial for the individual to get along with the group, and it’s benificial for the group not to kill and steal from each other.

Evolution and markets really work in the same way. There is variation, and there is selection. Just as advanced technology and wealth is the result of companies competing for the patron of their customer, courtesy and morality is the result of competition an cooperation among peoples and cultures.

But the evolution of morality is not only working on a biological, inter-generational scale, it’s also working on a cultural and individual scale. Acting moral will most times yield the best results, thus through personal trial and error, and observing people we value and/or admire, morality adapts to forms that fit the modern framework.

I’d definitly say that right and wrong are only matters of perception – but I would also say that those perceptions are very well grounden and non the less real.

Richard Dawkins is very good on the explenation of values and morality from an evolutionary perspective, I’d recommend him for further reading.