Reply To: Is there no right/wrong? Is it only perception?


Libertypunk, here is my two cents:

(1) It appears you are struggling over the question of whether there exists OBJECTIVE right and wrong. By OBJECTIVE, I mean “independent of human opinion.” There is no point in quibbling over SUBJECTIVE right and wrong. By SUBJECTIVE, I mean “dependent upon human judgment or opinion.”

(2) Either OBJECTIVE right and wrong exist or they do not. If GOD exists [the God of Christianity, Islam, or Judaism], then OBJECTIVE right and wrong certainly do exist. If GOD does not exist, then OBJECTIVE right and wrong do not exist.

(3) Regardless of whether OBJECTIVE right and wrong exist, humans are hard-wired to behave AS THOUGH they do exist. As Dr. J alluded to above, “ALL” people live their lives as though things are OBJECTIVELY right or OBJECTIVELY wrong.

(4) Even if OBJECTIVE right and wrong do not exist, it has been agreed upon by society to behave as though certain things are OBJECTIVELY right and wrong. Undoubtedly, this is linked to what makes us feel good [physical and non-physical] and what causes us pain [physical and non-physical]. This intuitive sense of justice has made morality an essential aspect of society, and those societies that disregard it will not last very long.