Reply To: Is there no right/wrong? Is it only perception?


I’m still very impressed by your” first and a half” language skills. Here’s my response:

1. I never said “The source of my morality is my inability to believe it.” The argument I presented in my last post is for the EXISTENCE of objective morality not the SOURCE of objective morality.

2. I already know YOU would condemn the dictator. But do we really have no basis for saying to the dictator that his actions are wrong, independent of what YOU or I think?

3. There is the task of figuring out what is objectively right and wrong. Dr. J hinted at looking across cultures and societies to discover common moral beliefs as one way of judging right and wrong [no method is fool proof and exhaustive]. If you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, you would look to interpret the Holy Scriptures to determine right and wrong.

4. The difficult questions you raise at the end are problems for people who believe in subjective morality as well.

5. On an interesting side note, Sam Harris, a very popular atheist, indeed believes both in evolution and objective morality.