Reply To: Is there no right/wrong? Is it only perception?


Good stuff. And the tone is not harsh. It is very impressive that you can articulate ideas clearly in a 2nd language. That is much more than my brain can do.

If WE cannot declare anything right or wrong, then upon what basis do we promote free markets over socialism? Upon what basis do we promote the non-aggression principle.

Example: I think murder is wrong. Some dictators have thought it was right to murder in order to subdue certain parts of the population. Do WE have a basis upon which we can say my moral view is better than that of the dictators’?

My argument is basically this;
(1) Either OBJECTIVE right and wrong exist, or they do not.
(2) Suppose they do not. This leads to clear absurdity [e.g. dictator example above] and contradicts our intuition and experience of reality.
(3) Therefore, I presuppose that OBJECTIVE right and wrong do exist.

I believe OBJECTIVE right and wrong exist and do not know how to believe otherwise.