Reply To: Is it possible to really recover after wars?


That certainly helped, and I think your answer is spot on.

Interesting answer on the Mongols. I remember reading R.J. Rummel’s death by government and he listed mongol democide at 29,000,000 between 14-15th century! Do you think that number is overblown or exaggerated? While on topic what is your opinion on that book overall?

“Many observers see this on the horizon in Europe today as more immigrants and their descendants change the culture and system.”

This is certainly what I have been observing as well. Why is Europe’s birth rate at non-replacement levels? Is it nihilism and the abandonment of Christianity, eugenics, the cradle to grave welfare state?

Also there was a simultaneous continuity of agenda of all western countries to open up there borders and allow disastrous chain migration into their nation states in the 1960s and 70s. Germany for the Turks, England for Afro-Caribbean’s, Pakistanis, and Indians, France for north Africans, Italy for Africans (north and sub-Sahara), Australia for south east Asians, U.S. for central Americans, etc.

The collusion is undeniable, but why? Was it to elect another people and swamp the demographics of western nation states with a heritage and history of resisting tyranny? Are they suicidal and psychotically myopic with multiculturalism, egalitarianism and democratic socialism?

That is a lot of questions, sorry, please take your time in answering.

Thanks for your time and responses. Your wisdom and knowledge is extremely valuable.