Reply To: Is it possible to privatize police AND the justice system?


Felt the need to add this:

I feel that voting in morally objective officials, who are not incentivized by money [and power] may the best option we have…” (Emphasis added; “and power” added).

Please let me know when you find some.

I don’t really mean to be snide there or go all Diogenes on you; but the myth of impartial, scientific public-policy carried out by disinterested, objective officials is what early Progressives believed in (and some modern ones still claim to believe in, or, at least, peddle).

But it’s like the old saw about making best way to make the most delicious rabbit soup, without having caught the rabbit.

1) Find these persons.

2) Find an electorate that will vote them into office (rather than voting for the ones that promise them the most boodle/make the most outlandish promises/offers of free lunch).