Reply To: Introductions


Hi, I’m Erik Carlseen, in San Diego, CA. I deal with IT infrastructure and sell women’s underwear. Mostly because of the looks I get from people when I introduce myself this way. I enjoy reading books by folks like Dr. Woods. I’m currently slogging my way through Human Action (which, while fascinating, is an extraordinary substitute for Ambien – not due to boredom, but because after about 20 minutes my brain is completely exhausted). I also like to watch YouTube videos about history and economics while I work two jobs (multitasking masochism at its finest), so I’m excited to have this resource available.

I really wish I had some higher noble purpose for all of this. I can’t really run for office because there are too many naked pictures of me on the Internet. Mostly I’ll just use this information to be a pedantic smart-ass whenever I’m around progressives and conservatives. Usually they convert to libertarianism just to make me shut the hell up. Hey, whatever works.