Reply To: Introductions


Howdy- my name is Mike Metroulas. If you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “Meh-TRUE-liss.” I teach history and geography at St. Louis Community College. This is a second career for me as well; I spent the first part of my adult life playing and teaching guitar, which I still do, only now it’s just for fun. Remember those loons onstage at the St. Louis Tea Party rally a few years back, dressed as the Founding Fathers? I’m part of that. The band is called The Sounding Fathers.

I also write pieces for Breitbart’s Big Journalism when I have time.

I am currently in a cooperative doctoral program in history offered by the Southern Illinois University system… SIU Carbondale awards the degree, but I take most of my classes at Edwardsville (the campus close to St. Louis). I have taken a few courses through the Mises Academy and when I saw this, I signed up immediately since I’ve been a fan of Dr. Woods for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Bean taking part in this as well. I am enrolled in his class on American conservatism for this fall, which I am looking forward to.

It’s great to meet all of you.