Reply To: Introductions


My name is Daniel Bledsoe and I graduated from UNT with a BA in Radio/TV/Film in 2005. I went to college with the misunderstanding that I would come out on the other side with knowledge that would make my life prosperous. Well, my naivety got the better of me b/c I came out with absolutely no understanding on how the world works. Don’t get me wrong, my time at college gave me experiences and friends that I never would of had but with respect for my parents who are responsible enough to save and send me, I think that money could have been way better spent to reach my ends.

I considered it a hobby but History has always been a love of mine and if I would have stayed a little longer for one more class I could have minored in it (whoopee). After the Ron Paul ’08 run and the economic downturn I was determined to understand how the economy works. With the direction of the Campaign for Liberty website’s education page, after I watched the videos on Economics in One Lesson everything just clicked, it’s so simple. I literally never read, I mean never, and I found The History of Banking in the U.S. by Rothbard online and read it online till about halfway through the book over a weekend, until I bought it.

Some of the Austrian concepts were tough to wrap your head around at first but through History, much like Aesop’s Fables, I was able to get it with real world examples. Through my own efforts and a little point in the right direction I have been able to makes sense of the world faster and more efficiently than all of my years in public school.

“History should teach us to recognize causes and to understand driving forces; and when we understand everything, we will forgive everything.” ~ Mises

I don’t mean to tell my whole life story or anything but I really expect to love this site and I would like to thank anyone who sacrificed personal gain in pursuit of the truth, so that I can learn it today.